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Charles Hillestad, Attorney-at-Law
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503-687-1730 or 503-436-1314

The firm is devoted exclusively to a PROPERTY LAW and BUSINESS LAW practice.
That includes anything pertaining to:
  • sale and development,
  • construction and lien,
  • security and foreclosure,
  • leasing and eviction,
  • hospitality and lodging,
  • condo and homeowner association,
  • easement and encroachment,
  • will and trust creation,
  • corporation and partnership,
  • administrative and zoning, plus
  • real estate and brokerage issues.


"Preventive Law" is practiced.  Clients are strongly encouraged to consult before disputes develop. The recommended approach is to spot and discuss as many potential problems as reasonably possible prior to their eruption into heated conflicts. Perhaps they can be prevented altogether or at least the risks involved can be better understood.

If it is too late for the "legal audit" route, clients are still advised of the various realistic alternatives to accomplish a resolution. And when possible, a "best estimate" will be given as to the respective non-monetary as well as monetary costs which are likely to occur.


The firm primarily handles matters involving property and businesses located within Clatsop, Tillamook, Yamhill and Lincoln Counties.  But, it is also willing, especially for matters that do not require a court appearance, to review, advise, negotiate and prepare documents for anywhere in Oregon or Colorado.  Mr. Hillestad is licensed for and practices in both states.


Fortunately, most of what the firm does for clients, such as consulting and drafting, can be accomplished almost anywhere there is phone, fax, delivery or e-mail service.  As a result, it does not matter much where either the clients or Mr. Hillestad happen to be physically located at the moment.